State-of-the-art facilities at LUMC

A future-proof infrastructure is essential for research and innovation in regenerative medicine. Within the LUMC and at the Leiden Bio Science Park, we have an infrastructure to be proud of. Together we can bring regenerative solutions from bench to bedside, meaning from a discovery in the laboratory, to clinical patient trials, to application in the hospital.

Technological focus areas and facilities

The Leiden Genome Technology Center and our Center for Proteomics and Metabolomics give scientists the tools to study fundamentals of disease and health. Our Flow cytometry Core Facility, the largest in the Netherlands, offers our researchers an advantage in identifying and specifying cells that play an unknown role in disease processes. In the field of imaging techniques, we have state-of-the-art technology to make proteins and molecules visible to the smallest details, for example in collaboration with NeCEN with the University of Leiden.

LUMC iPSC hotel and GMP-facility

Furthermore, in our LUMC human iPSC Hotel services are offered for the generation of research grade human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) from different tissue sources using state of the art reprogramming techniques. These services and the iPSC training course are offered for LUMC researchers as well as external parties. 

In addition, we have licenses to produce medicines, gene therapies and cell therapies in our Interdivisional Good Manufacturing Practice facility (IGFL) that meet such strict quality requirements they may also be applied in patients. The application of these therapies (developed in the LUMC or elsewhere) take place in our clinical research unit, where we test safety and effectiveness in patients.

Facilities at the Leiden BioScience Park

At the Leiden BioScience Park, of which the LUMC is part, various companies are located that have regenerative medicine and related initiatives as their core business. Unique facilities are the Biotech Training Facility and the Center for Human Drug Research. The Biotech Training Facility offers highly specialized training for example in their mock Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) laboratory. Early-stage drug research is taking place at the CHDR. Here, new therapies can be tested for safety for the first time in healthy individuals, with the LUMC literally around the corner.

Netherlands Center for the Clinical Advancement of Stem Cell & Gene Therapies (NECSTGEN)

Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) starten in 2020 with the construction of the largest non-profit stem cell and gene therapy facility in the Netherlands, and one of the largest facilities in Europe. The Netherlands centre for the Clinical advancement of Stemcell and Gene Therapies (NecstGen) has been realised in Mirai house located at the largest Life Science and Health cluster in the Netherlands, the Leiden Bio Science Park of which the LUMC is also part. Our NecstGen facility can be used for the GMP product development of cell products, specifically induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC) and gene therapy for clinical application in specific indications. This facility service LUMC initiatives as well as other national and international interests. 

LUMC constructs stem cell facility for NL and beyond

LUMC constructs stem cell facility for NL and beyond

In 2022 the Netherlands Centre for the Clinical Advancement of Stem Cell and Gene Therapies (NecstGen), -a GMP, non-profit facility- has been opened.

LERU: improve patient access to Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products

LERU: improve patient access to Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products

How can patient access to Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMPs) be improved at university hospital medical centres?