Institutes and departments

Within the Faculty of Science of Leiden University and the Faculty of Medicine residing in the Leiden University Medical Center, many institutes and departments focus their research on regenerative medicine in het broadest sense of the word. We bring together knowledge on cell biology, biomaterials, nanotechnology, pharmacy, production under Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), genetics, chemistry, biostatistics, modelling and imaging, so we can bring advanced therapies and diagnostics to fruition.

Leiden Academic Center for Drug Research (LACDR)

The LACDR is part of the Faculty of Science and has the mission to “… to be at the leading edge of new fundamental research on the development of new drugs which are more effective and more safe. And additionally develop new innovative ways to apply the right drugs, with the right dosage, at the right place. …”. The three main lines of research include 1) novel therapeutic modalities and novel concepts in early drug discovery, 2) translational drug research, and 3) personalised medicine.

Department of Anatomy and Embryology

Within LUMC the department of Anatomy and Embryology  is specialised in stem cell research with a particular focus on early embryonic development. How so-called pluripotent cells develop into specific cell types, with particular interest in the formation of skeletal muscle tissue and the cardiovascular lineage.

Leiden Institute of Chemistry (LIC)

The LIC includes research in chemical biology and energy and sustainability. Chemistry is the central science enabling a healthy future in a sustainable society. In relation to regenerative medicine for example nanomedicne are studied.