Valorisation of regenerative innovations

To bring innovations from the laboratory to patient application very specific knowledge and expertise is needed. That knowledge, to create both economical and societal impact, is called valorization. To ensure this process takes place, public-private collaborations are essential.

Starfish Innovations

Starfish Innovations is an investment fund and commercialization hub that seeks to accelerate breakthroughs in regenerative medicine. Founded in 2016 by the Leiden University Medical Centre, Starfish Innovations has built a strong early-stage pipeline of regenerative medicine technologies through the direct access to the promising science at LUMC as well as her global network of academic institutions and industry alike.

Led by a passionate team with strong scientific- and business expertise, Starfish Innovations pilots academic projects from the earliest stages to proof of concept and beyond. Projects are selected based on the potential impact and first strategic funding is provided to demonstrate technical- and/or commercial feasibility. As the project matures further, Starfish Innovations maps out the most effective development strategies for these promising technologies. When milestones are met and projects are completed successfully, Starfish Innovations either supports the project team in establishing a spin-off company or ensures the further commercialization of the results through third party transactions.

Alongside the development of a pipeline of regenerative therapies, Starfish Innovations also offers access to world-class cGMP facilities and expert regulatory advice for the development and manufacture of cell- and gene therapies through our affiliated GMP facility NECSTGEN.

Leiden BioScience Park

The LUMC is part of the Leiden BioScience Park (LBSP). At the park, several companies are located that develop and commercialise activities relevant to regenerative medicine. Research and development is focused on real-life application and intermediary components essential for regenerative therapies. The LUMC is part of public-private consortia together with new and existing companies at the park to drive innovations forward.

Center for Commercialisation of Regenerative Medicine

At an international level, we closely collaborate with the Canadian initiative the Center for Commercialisation of Regenerative Medicine (CCRM). CCRM focuses on commercializing living therapies. We at LUMC have the ambition to become the European hub of CCRM, ensuring access for the whole of Europe to the CCRM hub system, giving the opportunity to tap into niche expertise and techniques around the world. Currently CCRM has esthablished a hub in Australia and hubs in Japan and Israel are on the way.

‘Europe in danger of being out-innovated in regenerative medicine’

‘Europe in danger of being out-innovated in regenerative medicine’

According to Ton Rabelink, professor of internal medicine and head of nephrology at the LUMC in an interview with Horizon, the EU Magazine for Research & Innovation.